2.) WSANEC Story-Telling

In this episode I read a few WSANEC stories, I also have a couple friends lend their voices to tell stories. The stories in order are:

  2.  ȽÁU WEL,NEW̱ Mountain legend
  3.  Arbutus tree knowledge
  4. How Douglas fir got pitch
  5. The winds - Told by Katia O.
  6. The Legend of the whale
  7. X̱ENÁṈ (Like) - Told by Kaydence W.
  8. MOTEME (Mortimer) - Told by Jacqueline J.


Stories heard are from:

"The Saanich year" book - Earl Claxton Sr., John Elliott.

"ȽÁU WEL,NEW̱ " book - Earl Claxton Sr., John Elliott.

"Saanich ethnobotany: culturally important plants of the W̱SÁNEĆ people" book -  Nancy J. Turner, Richard J. Hebda.

"The W̱SÁNEĆ and their neighbours" book - Diamond Jenness.

"W̱SÁNEĆ legends and stories" book - W̱SÁNEĆ elders.

"Mortimer" book - Robert Munch.






1.) Introduction + Local artist Nate Harris

ÍY SȻÁĆEL, in this episode I introduce myself. I give a brief description of who I am and where I come from. I also share a bit of the inspiration behind the logo for W̱ILṈEW̱ Radio drawn by local artist Sarah Jim and elder Earl Claxton tells the brief story of “the legend of LAU WEL,NEW”. We also get to listen to an interview with up and coming singer song writer Nate Harris, I ask him questions about his song ‘Precious you’ we also get to listen to the song.

“the legend of LAU WEL,NEW” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APQJnL74e5o

Sarah Jim - https://www.faroutart.ca/

                   -Instagram: zzzize

Nate Harris “Precious you” – iTunes, Spotify, Apple music, etc.