2.) WSANEC Story-Telling

In this episode I read a few WSANEC stories, I also have a couple friends lend their voices to tell stories. The stories in order are:

  2.  ȽÁU WEL,NEW̱ Mountain legend
  3.  Arbutus tree knowledge
  4. How Douglas fir got pitch
  5. The winds - Told by Katia O.
  6. The Legend of the whale
  7. X̱ENÁṈ (Like) - Told by Kaydence W.
  8. MOTEME (Mortimer) - Told by Jacqueline J.


Stories heard are from:

"The Saanich year" book - Earl Claxton Sr., John Elliott.

"ȽÁU WEL,NEW̱ " book - Earl Claxton Sr., John Elliott.

"Saanich ethnobotany: culturally important plants of the W̱SÁNEĆ people" book -  Nancy J. Turner, Richard J. Hebda.

"The W̱SÁNEĆ and their neighbours" book - Diamond Jenness.

"W̱SÁNEĆ legends and stories" book - W̱SÁNEĆ elders.

"Mortimer" book - Robert Munch.