Rate My Backlash

If you've taken a University course, you've probably used the website ratemyprofessor.com. But your experience as a student is very different from what a prof goes through. The reviews actually do have an impact on the professors career, and the people who get the worst of it are women. So what is Rate My Prof doing about it? Listen to this episode to find out.

Take the Break

Why are mental health services at UVic so lacking? How is this impacting the success of students? And is anybody doing anything about it? On this episode, we find out.

You can find more info about UVic’s Peer Support Centre here, or go to room B035 in the SUB.

The Admins

Confession #4578 UVic has a confessions & crushes page run by anonymous admins. We brought them in to give us all the goss about what really goes on behind the scenes, and we followed up with the posters of some of the juiciest confessions.

This episode was brought to you by the Grad House.