01 Racism On Campus

This episode features conversations about racism at the University of Victoria.

Maureen speaks with the cast of Foundation, a play mounted by a handful of UVic Theatre students. This play examines problematic, western-centric beauty standards through the eyes of people of colour.

Dr. Jeff Corntassel shares stories and triumphs of the Indigenous Law program at the University of Victoria.

Equity and Human Rights Director Moussa Magasa explains his high hopes for the dimishment of racism at UVic.

The theme music you heard in this episode was composed and performed by Toe. We also featured “Winds of Change” and “I’ll Rock You to the Rhythm of the Ocean” from the album, Native North America Vol. 1. This episode was produced by Salma Ihsan, Maureen Chow, Arcade Pallot. Anabelle Budd, Dante Andre Kahan, and Max Collins. U in the Ring is made possible by the generous support from Capitol 6 Cinemas and the Community Radio Fund of Canada.