Gender Magic

What does it mean to be non binary or 2 spirit? The possibilities are endless. On the season finale of Taking Up Space, we explore just some of those possibilities.

You Better Werk! (To End the Gender Binary) Part 2

For Part 2 of our drag series, we consider how decades of resistance in the drag community led us to the local drag scene we have now, here in Victoria. We get an inside look into what drag is all about, and the impact that it has on performers.

You Better Werk! (To End the Gender Binary) Part 1

On this episode, we chronicle the history of drag, and how it intersects with gay rights in Canada. We speak with a drag queen who's been in the game since 1951, and take you through decades of drag history and the fight for gay rights in Canada, all the way up to present day in Victoria.

The Hormone Monster

The hormone monster affects all of us whether we like it or not. On this episode, we look at the lesser known impacts and uses of hormones by talking about the use of hormones by trans folks, how hormones factor into menopause, and what its like to have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome.