Sleepy City 06: Chameleon Guru

Fact and myth mingle in the stories told about Brother Twelve, the mystic who ran the Aquarian Foundation in Cedar by the Sea in the late 1920s.
Edward Arthur Wilson channeled/merged with Bother Twelve after a spiritual awakening in Southern France. He wrote Theosophy teachings that were the basis for the Foundation. The City of Refuge, just south of Nanaimo, was intended to protect members of the Foundation from the coming apocalypse in 1928. In return, they converted their money to gold and handed it over to the Brother.
It started as an idyllic community, but by the end, the fabric of the cult had frayed – as had the mind of the leader. Court cases, psychic warfare and physical abuse cast a long shadow on the original teachings and intent for the colony.
Brother Twelve’s legend lives on. He has become a fascinating figure that continues to spark the imagination and curiosity of those who hear the tale. His contradictory personality, multiple identities and his ability to use esoteric spirituality to part people from their money are just a few things that bring up questions about who he was and why he did what he did.

Produced by Liz McArthur at CFUV 101.9 FM with funding from the Community Radio Fund of Canada Radiometres grant program.
Music used in this episode:
Cult Video by Victoria Valentine
Ersen - Garip Gönlüm
Ljusbringare - Adrenaline
Rajendra Prasanna - Dhun Raga Bhairavi
Portable Cosmoshrine – Floating Forest
Portable Cosmoshrine – Stone Waltz
Run The Jewels - Crown feat. Diane Coffee
Instrumental Gendhing Jawa Klasik
Portable Cosmoshrine – A Spa of Dark
Iceberg Ferg – Beyond Another Bend
Portable Cosmoshrine – Mind Control Under Control
Munir Bashir - Raga Roots
Pedro Monkeyfinger + Protagonis/ntagonist – Side B

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