NDNs on the Airwaves 06: Indigenous Radio Panel - Voices Across the Land

On October 16th 2015, imagineNATIVE Film and Media Festival hosted a native radio panel for the first time in their 16 year span. The panel was comprised of broadcasters, producers and cultural managers who shared their definitions of native radio and reflected on their experiences with early radio from the 1970’s to present.

Featured interviews: Radio producer Janet Rogers; Radio & Satellite host Brian Wright McLeod; Toronto radio personality Andrea Morriseau

Music by: Rik Leaf, Radio Free Alcatraz special report segment

NDNs on the Airwaves 05: Northwest Territories - Radio North

It is agreed, Radio North was a pioneering source for all other native radio to come after it. Radio was a constant and necessary medium for survival in remote regions of the Northwest Territories. We hear from three NWT musicians about the role radio played in their lives and musical careers and how language and culture is being upheld by the smart use of this medium.

Featured interviews: Musician, talent manager Leanne Goose; Singer/songwriter Leela Gilday; Digawolf band members Jessie James (Dzo Etse) and TJ Buggins

Music by: Leanne Goose, Leela Gilday, Digawolf and CKLB show promos

NDNs on the Airwaves 04: The Podcast Show

Indigenous communities and media makers move right along with the accelerated changes and fast pace of digital broadcasting and webcasting. On this program we hear from web masters, podcasters and digital content makers about what makes the cut for content and how they produce Indigenous specific digital programming; and the surprising list of communities that are listening.

Featured interviews: RPMfm webmaster & podcast producer Jarrett Martineau; CBC Aboriginal Radio producer Kim Wheeler; Comedian, podcast producer Ryan McMahon

Music by: Madeskimo, Re-vision Quest show sample, Idle No More Assembly field recording

NDNs on the Airwaves 03: Six Nations Artists

This program features Juno winning musical talent, up and coming music stars and an ex-hip hop music maker turned journalist; all from the Six Nations territory. These musicians reflect on the degree to which their local radio station CKRZ FM played a part in the advancement of their musical careers. We learn about the evolution of a humble rez radio station and its resilience through the stories these musicians share.

Featured interviews : Derek Miller; Murray Porter; Logan Staats; Jonathan Garlow

Music by: Derek Miller, Murray Porter, Logan Staats, Tru Rez Crew, Gummy Bears Show Opening, Conway Twitty, B.B. King and A Tribe Called Red

NDNs on the Airwaves 02: Indigenous News Makers

Are we able to make distinct comparisons between Indigenous news content reported by native producers and non-native sources? How does knowledge of traditional storytelling play a part in current Indigenous news reporting? This program features the producers and on-air personalities of current news journal programs such as CBC’s Unreserved, Re-Vision Quest and Ab-Originals.

Featured interviews: Actor, author and CBC show host Darrell Dennis; CBC Unreserved program producer, Kim Wheeler; CBC Aboriginal Unit senior producer, Cate Friesen

Music by: Rik Leaf, Unreserved program sound samples with guest Ted Fontaine, Dead Dog Café show segment, CBC show host Bernelda Wheeler from the Our Native Land program

NDNs on the Airwaves 01: Native Radio - What is it?

In this program, we learn about first relationships with radio from our guests. We hear the part radio played in their lives growing up and the way native content specifically made radio easier to claim as their own. This program answers the question; are we creating something new and culturally relevant with radio or simply duplicating what has already been produced through mainstream radio sources?

Featured interviews: Native Communications Inc. CEO David McLeod; APTN show host and musician Art Napoleon; CBC Unreserved host Rosanna Dearchild; CBC journalist and reporter Duncan McCue; Comedian and podcaster Ryan McMahon

Music by: Cris Derksen, Ernest Monias, Art Napoleon, A Tribe Called Red and 7th Fire