08 Sustainable Living in the City

This episode of Full Circle features how Victorians are moving toward sustainable living in their city.

CFUV correspondent Myles takes a tour of a piece of edible landscape with Royal Bay Bakery owner David Grove and Hatchet & Seed landscaper/owner Tayler Krawczyk.

Full Circle host Jordan Baron sits down with architect Franc D'Ambrosio to talk sustainable architecture at one of his most beloved works in Victoria, the Atrium.

CFUV hears the word from locals about a pair of bike lanes being constructed on Fort Street, and learns about the health and environmental benefits of bike lanes from the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition.

Content in the program was produced by CFUV's Podcasting Production Team. Music in this piece was composed and performed by Podington Bear. This program is proudly supported by Oak Bay Bikes, and the Community Radio Fund of Canada.