03 A Foodies Paradise

This episode of Full Circle takes a bite out of the cultural mosaic of food in Victoria.

CFUV heads to LAU WELNEW Tribal School in WSANEC territory to take a tour of PEPAKEN HAUTW, a native plant garden and restoration project.

Elizabeth Monk of EAT Magazine sits down with CFUV to give some tips and tricks for eating out on a budget in Victoria, along with some of her own personal history as a food writer.

CFUV correspondent Max investigates the claims that avocado toast is causing millennials to go bankrupt by going to the source: Victoria's favorite brunch spots.

Content in the program was produced by CFUV's Podcasting Production Team. Music in this piece was composed and performed by Podington Bear. This program is proudly supported by Oak Bay Bikes, and the Community Radio Fund of Canada.