02 Illicit Substances on the Island

This episode of Full Circles captures a glimpse of illicit substance use and harm reduction measures in Victoria.

CFUV Correspondant Aviva joins SOLID Harm Reduction on their morning needle pickup and outreach tour, and sits down with Jack Phillips, head coordinator of the outreach advocacy group.

CFUV presents the sound of the Fentanyl crisis, an explanation of the BC Coroners Service's findings through the past year using sound.

"Alice" invites CFUV to speak with her about a weekly activity of hers: taking minute amounts of acid to expand her creativity and empathy. 

Content in the program was produced by CFUV's Podcasting Production Team. Music in this piece was composed and performed by Podington Bear. This program is proudly supported by Oak Bay Bikes, and the Community Radio Fund of Canada.