CFUV Presents: Paunch and Jeudi

Paunch and Jeudi live happily on a small island in the middle of Canada until they receive a government notice. They are informed their location is actually a country onto itself. In their committed attempt to govern themselves “the right way”, their compatible lifestyle takes a political turn in this hilarious satire on Canadian government.

Paunch and Jeudi was written for radio by Renée Baillargeon.


Paunch- Diana Draker
Jeudi- Izzy Almasi

CFUV Presents: Enkindled

Haughty bookworm Alexa longs for a partner who shares her love for literature. So, when she and her roommate Jia find a Kindle on the bus full of her favorite authors, she decides to go on a hunt for the owner. Could it belong to the man of her dreams? And, if so, is it meant to be?

Enkindled was written for radio by Or Amit.


Alexa Fleming- Abi Paeth
Jia Shen- Lindsey Schneider
Leonard Bell- Nicholas Guerriero
Casey- Diana Draker