20 Georgie Wilson

In this episode, Tidal Zone host Georgie Wilson shares stories from her documentary on CFUV's history, and on her own time involved at CFUV.

19 Trisha House

In this episode, Worldwide Wanderings host Trisha House recounts her time as a young woman in Australia, and gives her view on the importance of spoken word.

18 Oona-Vaughn Murray-Dyde

In this episode, Cold Cuts co-host Oona-Vaughn Murray-Dyde talks volunteering and appreciating music as a musician.

17 Sarah Nichol

In this episode, Blue Light host Sarah Nichol shares stories about famous blues artists and touching phone calls she had received on the air.

16 Katie Sage

In this episode, Emmanuel Monteiro sits down with program director Katie Sage to talk about their experience of being a curator, and their show iNRAIN-BOWS.

15 Troy Lemberg

In this episode, Troy Lemberg, host of CFUV's The Action Index, discusses his early days in the Victoria punk scene, the relationship between CFUV and Victoria's music community, and Miley Cyrus.

14 Phoenix Bain

In this episode, Multi-program host Phoenix Bain recounts her early days of volunteering with CFUV, and explains the importance of volunteering for the music community.

13 Greg Atkinson

In this episode, Greg Atkinson, former host of Hexagon Sun, reminisces on his time as both a member of student government and as a CFUV radio DJ.

12 Bill Gordon

In this episode, Bill shares his love for CFUV and Canadian singer-songwriters, and he talks about the supportive community of CFUV DJs.

11 Rod McCrimmon

In this episode, Eclectic Music host Rod McCrimmon talks listening to CFUV as a youngster, hawaiian music, and his involvement with the Victoria folk scene.

10 Stewart Boutilier

In this episode, Stewart Boutilier, longtime host of Alive & Dread, shares stories of the very beginning of CFUV.

09 Adam Szekely

In this episode, DJ Wreckordz, a.k.a. Adam Szekely, reminisces on his early days of mixing and volunteering at CFUV after celebrating his 100th episode.

08 Nirad Chaudhari

In this episode, Masala Mix host Nirad Chaudhari lets us in on his love for South Asian fusion music, and recounts his experience getting involved with CFUV.

07 Linda Sjostrom

In this episode, Garden City Jukebox's own Linda Sjostrom recounts her start at CFUV and her immersion into the Victoria music scene.

06 Bella Lindsey

In this episode, Bella Lindsey, host of Mud & Gold, talks nervousness on the air, dad rock, and how CFUV has helped her grow as a person.

05 Aldo Nazarko

In this episode, Off the Beaten Track's host Aldo Nazarko shares his story of how he came to host an eclectic music show.

04 Christina Morrison

In this episode, Christina Morrison, host of Salsa Del Bario, talks about how CFUV brings vibrant Salsa music to the airwaves.

03 Ali Lopez

In this episode, Ali Lopez discusses her years of volunteering and working at CFUV. 

02 Arcade Pallot

In this episode, Arcade Pallot talks about their involvement with CFUV. 

01 Pascale Mendes

In this episode, Pascale talks about her involvement with CFUV.