ARTSCAPE S03E04: Art & Madness

Art & Madness by Adam Cantor – My name is Adam Cantor, and I made this podcast.  I would prefer you stop now, and not read this description.  Nobody needs to hold your hand before you experience a piece of art.  Nobody needs to whisper in your ear what it means, or why it is important, or what makes it legitimate.  There is no need to spend as much time reading the paragraph on the wall beside the painting, as there is looking at the painting itself. 

If something inside you resonates when you hear this podcast, then by all means investigate further.  But, if you will indulge me, just listen to it first, and then wonder about it after.  I made all the aesthetic and technical choices for very specific reasons.  I tried to (like a good Canadian scholar of communications should) to link the medium and the message.  One is a mirror for the other.  Narcissus gazes down into the water, and soon enough forgets where he ends and his reflection begins.  Whether I succeeded or failed should be in the ears of the listener.

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