05 How to Write A Song

In this episode of All-Access, Elyse and co-host Chloe speak with three Victoria singer-songwriters to find out how to write a song in three steps.

Indie rocker Kathryn Calder gives an intimate expose how lyric writing.

Suz Raudaschl, of Bridal Party fame, explains that her process doesn't have a distinct beginning or end.

Folk artist Vic Horvath contemplates whether they write songs, or their songs write themselves.

This eisode was produced by Chloe Wiesenthal, Kavan Hammond, Elyse Mathes, and Max Collins. Music in this episode is performed by Sussy, Kathryn Calder, Vic Horvath The New Pornograhpers, and Bridal Party. All-Access is made posible by Cordova Bay Entertainment Group, and the Community Radio Fund of Canada.